Core Courses

The core curriculum (6-8 credits) aims to enable students to absorb knowledge evenly and extensively by laying solid foundations in various fields for the goal of lifelong self-learning. The courses offered are designed to teach the basic and essential theories, knowledge and methods of each discipline. The Center for General Education plans courses in three dimensions of humanities, social science and natural science.
  1. Humanities: Through the disciplines of literature, history, philosophy and art, they can cultivate students' humanities, improve their ability to perceive and appreciate beautiful things, broaden their historical vision, develop their clear logical thinking, and enhance their ability to express, communicate, analyze and solve problems. 

  2. Social science: It aims to cultivate students' democratic literacy, social concern and international outlook, so as to become global citizens; enable students to be culturally inclusive, socially caring, respectful and practical. The curriculum covers the current capitalist business activities, the social changes and transformation in Taiwan, the adjustment and self-practice of interpersonal relations, international politics and economics, and the impact of globalization to stimulate students' enthusiasm for public affairs and social care.

  3. Natural science: Its purpose is to cultivate students' ability of natural and applied science, strengthen their capability of qualitative and quantitative analysis, explore the development history of science and technology, as well as the interaction with society in the process, and reflect on the transformation of the relationship between humankind and nature. Facing the era of knowledge explosion, students are expected to distinguish the authenticity of knowledge by professional judgment and multiple perspectives, and to express it clearly in plain and accurate language, and to deeply appreciate the importance of ethics.
The core curriculum includes three dimensions: humanities, social science and natural science

Compulsory dimension courses must be taken in accordance with the regulations of each college. The minimum credits are specified in the following table

Minimum credits
College or department
Humanities Social science Natural science
Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science, science, engineering, biological science and technology 6 (At least 1 for each dimension) 0
Industrial engineering and management, transportation and logistics management, arete honors program 2 2 2
Management science, information management and finance, Hakka studies 2 4
Humanities and social sciences 0 2 4