Full-time teachers

Name Job title Research areas Contact method Details
Hu, Cheng-Kuang Professor and Chairman Social Study Theory, Capitalism Research, History of Chinese/Western Political Ideology EXT:52713 FAX:03-5725960 Email:huchekua@nycu.edu.tw
Liang, Chung-Hui Associate Professor Developmental Psychology, Peer Relationship, Socialization Process EXT:52757 FAX:03-5725960 Email:chunghuiliang@nycu.edu.tw
Chen, Jen-heng Director Russian History, Russian Historiography, World History, Russian Language and Literature EXT:52705 FAX:03-5725960 Email:chenluda@mail.nctu.edu.tw
Charlotte Victorine Pollet Associate Professor History of Sciences: History of Mathematics (algebra, combinatorics, geometry); Comparative History and Philosophy; Ancient and Medieval Mathematics in Chinese and Sanskrit. Ethno-Mathematics. STS. EXT:52735 FAX:03-5725960 Email:charlotte.pollet7@gmail.com
Chiou Yi-hung Associate Professor International relations theory; international cooperation and organizations; foreign policy analysis; International political economy; globalization; foreign direct investment; trade politics; development Comparative political theory; political development and strategic interactions in East Asia and Southeast Asia; democracy and democratization theorytheory; EXT:52730 FAX:03-5725960 Email:chiouyihung@nycu.edu.tw
Sung Yu-jen Assistant Professor History of Music, Systematic Music, Modern Taiwanese Music EXT:52765 FAX:03-5725960 Email:yjsung@mail.nctu.edu.tw