Retirement Teather

Name Job title Research areas Contact method Details
Wei-An Chang Professor Sociological Theories, Economic Sociology, Information Society Studies, Hakka Studies Email:
Tseng, Hua-P Professor Environmental History; Global Environmentalism; Science, Technology and Society (STS); Culture and Social Change.
CHEN MING-JANG Professor Cognition and Digital Instruction、 Mathematic Education 、Mathematic and Art、Discrete Mathematic TEL:03-5731945 FAX:03-5725960
Yen-lin,Ku Professor feminism
Yang Yongliang Professor Japanese studies History of legal systems Jurisprudence
Tung, Wan-Hua Associate Professor Chinese Classical Novel Modern Chinese Novel The Dream of the Red Chamber Lu Hsan’s short stories The Literary study of the Bible
Associate Professor
Liu, Ho-Pei Associate Professor Chinese history, World History, Cross-strait relations
Tsai, Hsiung-Shan Associate Professor China studies Comparative Constitutions Political Science International Relations
Huang, Han-Chan Associate Professor Chinese Philosophy, Chinese Literature, Calligraphy, Education
Wu, Young-chu Associate Professor Biochemistry Nutrition, Computer and Information Management, Methodology Technical English
Sheen, Ding-Taou Associate Professor American Literate Contemporary Chinese Prose A History of English Language
Liu, Lung-Shen Associate Professor Book of Odes, New Odes
Associate Professor Literature of the Tang Dynasty