Part-time teachers

Name Job title Research areas Contact method Details
Hong Lian De Professor Introduction to European culture Analysis of Marxism Analysis and appreciation of Turgenev's literature Evolution of social thought
CHEN MING-JANG Professor Cognition and Digital Instruction、 Mathematic Education 、Mathematic and Art、Discrete Mathematic TEL:03-5731945 FAX:03-5725960
Yang Yongliang Professor Japanese studies History of legal systems Jurisprudence
Lin Shaoyin Associate Professor Leadership and governance
Liu, Ho-Pei Associate Professor Chinese history, World History, Cross-strait relations
Huang, Han-Chan Associate Professor Chinese Philosophy, Chinese Literature, Calligraphy, Education
Wang Guansheng Associate Professor Ethics Political philosophy
Kelly Bai Associate Professor Big Data Analytics, Mobile Cellular Telecommunication
Chang Wen-chang Assistant Professor Medieval Chinese History Chinese Ritual and Legal Culture Ancient East Asian History History of Development in Taichung
Huang Guoqing Assistant Professor Social theory Welfare state Cultural sociology Sociology of knowledge
Yuting Hwang Assistant Professor Comparative Literature, Modern Japanese Literature、Taiwan Literature、Taiwan History
WANG YUESHIOU Assistant Professor the Book of Odes Modern Literature Chinese Writing Teaching Buddhist Thought and Literature
Sophia J. Pan Assistant Professor eLearning; research integrity and ethics education; scholarly publication ethics in the digital era
Wang, Mei-Hung Lecturer Information Studies, Action Learning EXT:52740 FAX:03-5725960